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The Storm Whistle as Art


The Storm whistle's innovative shape and styling has not gone unnoticed by some of the most prestigious experts in the art world.

Storm whistle becomes part of New York's
  Museum of Modern Art  "Design Takes on
  Risk...Safe" exhibit

           In November of 2004, New York's Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, acknowledged the Storm whistle as having such an innovative and unique shape that it became part of the exhibition named, "Design Takes on Risk...Safe." 


           Design Takes on Risk...Safe promotes "...a design sensibility in which an aesthetic pursuit is enriched by an appreciation of function and technology as well as an economy of means...acknowledg[ing] safety as a basic human need," says MoMA director Glenn D. Lowry.  The Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle, along with over a hundred other novel inventions, were displayed in New York.

Dr. Howard Wright. Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle. 1991

By becoming part of MoMA's exclusive Architecture and Design exhibition, the Storm whistle was made part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent online collection which can be viewed by clicking HERE.


           When the Storm whistle was designed, it was formed by the incorporation of 5 critical design features.  The Storm whistle was made coalescing:   

  1. A harmonic chamber
  2. A  ribbed grip that runs down the top of the whistle
  3. A sturdy ring for a lanyard
  4. A mouth piece that is made for very cold conditions that allow the whistle to be held by the teeth
  5. A roughened exterior for no slip feel

           Architecture is defined as the art and science of designing and building physical structures.  Making all these features work together harmoniously and beautifully allowed the Storm whistle to become more than just the loudest and most water resistant whistle in the world but a work of art appreciated by some of the most discerning architectural experts in the in the field.