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The Storm Whistle in the News


While the Storm Whistle has been saving lives for over 15 years, It is still making news
around the world.


Oct 2011       Lifeguards Without Borders demonstrate the power of the Storm Whistle during a Lifeguard Instructor course, as documented on YouTube. Click this link to see the video.


Dec 2006       Diver saved in Portugal due to Storm Whistle. Scuba diver pulled over 3 miles out to sea. After treading water for 7 hours, he was saved do to rescuers ability to hear Storm Whistle and find diver. To read account on the web, click here (Translated Page).


Sept 2006        Boating magazine performs whistle test.  Storm is put through the paces and is found to be the loudest.  Practical-Sailor.com's Article


July  2006        Storm whistle added to New York's  Museum of Modern Art exhibit for outstanding Architectural Design. To see the exhibit, click on this link to the MOMA site.


Oct 2005        Storm whistle is added to New York's Museum of Modern Art's Paola Antonelli exhibit of SAFE design at MOMA.  To read more about the exhibit go to this link at BusinessWeek.


Aug 1997         Storm whistle saves couple in New Orleans.   B.B. St. Roman Executive Director, Homeless Assistance Collaborative New Orleans Police Department hears a young couple being beaten and robbed on the street outside her house in New Orleans.  Using a Storm whistle, B. B. blows the whistle and frightens the muggers away pulling the couple to safety.  What makes this account exceptional is that Mrs. St. Roman did not open the door to her house but blew the incredibly loud Storm whistle through the locked door.   This safe approach of crime stopping was passed along to the other neighbors along with Storm whistles and a "THROUGH THE DOOR CRIME ALERT PROGRAM" was initiated further empowering the neighborhood against crime.