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A word about Buc-ees

For the uninitiated, Buc-ees is the Texas version of the Flying J or Circle K or Stuckies or any other gas station / convenience store But 30 times bigger. It brags toilets with 40 stalls, wonderful potato chips and the best brisket sandwiches on this side of the boarder. I did really enjoy the brisket. One drawback however is the crowds they are huge but the candy roasted almonds were out of this world and well worth the detour.

So, if you’re ever in Texas, ya got to check out Buc-ees and visit the toilets and the roasted almonds. Wow

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Steve and Mary

After returning to Charolette  we meet up with Steve and Mary at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and we were able to visit with Steve this  time.  So good to see the cousins.


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