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It was Tuesday afternoon and as we zipped along highway 163 towards Marblehead Ohio something caught my eye. I was excited to see this part of the Ohio Valley, truly, but now I spyed something that really got me going. It wasn’t the trees, though they were beautiful and It wasn’t a large bodies of water that Vicki and I saw as we motor down the highway.

What got me was the number of boats I saw in parking lots, storage areas and front yards all over the place. When you see that many boats you know that means serious fishing. In addition to the boats, there was the multitude of fishing tackle shops, guide services and most importantly, the stores that advertised “fish cleaning”. Yes, a large warehouse whose job it was to clean fish caught by happy fishermen. It seems to me that I have found myself in some magical Fishing heaven. I was so excited about our upcoming afternoon walleye fishing trip come Wednesday I could almost pop.

We pulled the trailer in The East Harbor State Park, found our site and after switching over to a pad that wasn’t flooded, took a bike ride, made a fire and had dinner

The next morning I got up early and decided to try my luck bank fishing Lake Erie. Dispite trying 5 different lures, I failed miserably, but it’s Okay because today at 2:00, I was fishing with a professional walleye guide.

Vicki was hesitant at the roughness of the water but the guide assured her that the wind would die and the water would flatten out. An hour later the only thing I suspected was going to die was me and Vicki. I new it was bad when waves started pouring over the bow, rain fell and the idiot guide suggested we don foul weather gear. what a cluster of angst. “Turn around“ I ordered our selfish captain and back to the dock we ran. bummer. Tomorrow we head further East. But I did get Vicki to give me a haircut!!!

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