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Nine Eagles State Park

We left Belle Fouche at around 2:30 and immediately headed East stopping over in Chamberlin South Dakota. The trip to Chamberlin took around four hours and, being exhausted from the day spent leaving the Spearfish KOA, getting the Pup fixed, and heading out again, we just blew into Chamberlin and took off early the next morning.

The drove southeast from Chamberlin and traveled down through Iowa toward Nine Eagles State Park which was on the boarder of Iowa and Missouri. We made good time arriving at around 5:00 finding the Park clean, with only two other campers.

We pulled out the bikes and cycled to the relatively large Nine Eagles Lake they had, me with my fishing gear, Vicki simply wanting to ride her bike.

On my first cast, I caught a nice little 8-inch largemouth and knew it was going to be fun.

I fished till dark and rode back finding Vicki had started a fire and put out the chairs. We made a frozen Pizza over the fire, unsuccessfully, (it burned on bottom and the cheese and sausage fell off the top), but had a great time listening to music and watching the stars.

The Nine Eagles Park showers were not heated so we hurried through a quick wash and hit the sack early.

the next morning we went to the Lake early with Vicki paddle boarding and me fishing.

Next stop would be Missouri, our home destination.

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