A Whistle defense program is getting safety in the hands of every person who is at risk. The Storm and Windstorm whistles are the loudest whistles in the world and can and have stopped crime before it happens.

Carry a Storm or Windstorm and be ready when you, or a loved one needs to be heard.

Animal Deterrent

The Coyote Whistle

coyote 5.jpg

Like many other predators, coyotes can be skittish and prefer to avoid potentially dangerous encounters whenever possible. This means that you may be able to discourage attacks by simply making a racket while you walk your dog or when a coyote finds its way into your backyard.

One very effective way to frighten a coyote is to blow a powerful whistle.  The STORM WHISTLE is the loudest whistle in the world and can be effective in not only scaring off a coyote, but also be used to call for help.  The Storm 
Whistle can be heard a half mile away and is easy to blow and easy to hold.