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Whistle Testimonials


                   We are pleased to announce that the North American Fishing Club after evaluating the Storm and Windstorm whistles found them to be not just good whistles  but great whistles.  Not only did the evaluators like the whistle a large majority put it on their gear and bought more.  Below we have posted just a few of the evaluations of our whistles.  I hope they help you to understand the incredible power and consistency of these fine safety whistles.

For an explanation of just how the Storm and Windstorm whistle can be so powerful, click here for a link to our frequently asked questions page.

            1)  “I highly recommend the Storm safety Whistle.  Its is the loudest whist I have ever heard.  The Storm safety whist doesn’t look too much different than any other whistle except for its fluorescent orange , easy to spot color, but when I say this whist is loud, I mean it was Loud!
            I put my safety whist on my life jacket on my boat and then went out and bought another one to put on my buoyancy jacket  for when I go scuba diving.”

Richard Taylor
St. Petersburg FL

            2)  “The Storm all Weather Safety Whistle produces an incredibly loud noise with very little effort.  It has a permanent place in my boat as a backup signaling device”

Eugene Metschle
Thornton CO

            3)     “The Storm whistle is a very dependable whistle.  You can hear the whistle across Lake Monroe and is very easy to blow and is very loud in case of an emergency.  I will recommend this item very strongly and will use it when fishing, hunting, and /or carrying it in the car for safety.  You can hear the whistle approxamently 1/4 to 1/2 mile.”

Charles Clark
Nashville IN

            4)    “This whistle performed well - even after setting in the rain for 2 hours.  My son could hear this whistle a long way off.  Also this whistle takes very little effort to blow at any angle you blow. I recommend this whistle, for boating, hunting, fishing, backpacking. This should be a standard item in any survival and first aid kit.”

Danny Mulligan
Westminster MO

            5)      “Let me tell you first, that this is an item that no one should be without.  With my wife’s assistance in testing this product, I positioned my boat approx. 300 yards out from shore and my wife stayed on shore. With the wind blowing into my face I gave the All-Weather Whistle three short blasts.  My wife acknowledged by waving her arms.  I then dipped the whistle in the lake and gave it three more short blasts , the water didn’t effect it at all.  Very little effort is needed to sound the whistle.  My wife brought up another ideal use for the all weather safety whistle.  She said that it would bake an excellent distress whistle for women and young girls to carry in their purse.”

Carey Gilbert
Edmond OK

           6)     “This is the greatest whistle available.”

Jean Brock

           7)       “After passing the whistle around the roll call room and having some of the officers use it on the street everyone agreed that it was the loudest whistle they have ever heard.”

The Police Marksman

           8)     “A necessary part of every survival kit.”

American Hunter

           9)     “This is awesome. It is the loudest whistle I have ever used”

David Melchart

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