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Aerosol Bear Spray, Large Handguns or Arena Rock?

I prefer arena rock. So Vicki and I are smack dab in the middle of bear country , right where the day before our neighbors  saw a black bear that attacked and a grizzly bear that was sunning itself not 100 yards away from where were staying. 

Matter of fact.

The camp host here is so nervous that anyone that doesn’t have a hardshell camper he kicks out. He’s so nervous it makes me nervous.  His name is Walt and he looks like a 5’9” Grizzly Adams and knows more horrifying Bear stories than Planters got peanuts.

Everybody has Bear Spray. We have REO Speedwagon and a storm whistle.

But we’re not worried, we have Aerosmith, Journey and the Doobie Brothers all singing to protect us.

Went horseback riding this morning. It was awesome. 

Now we are just chilling by the river hoping to keep the bears away with songs like “a crazy little thing called love. “

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