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Nantahala River.

The next morning we decided to go white water rafting on the Nantahala River. We went with another couple. A very large guy who I was sure were going to have to pull out of the water.   They showed us a video of how to pull a person who fell overboard back into the raft- I guess this happens fairly regularly. 

Great time on the Nantahala’s River 

The tour owner says you’ll be fine just stay to the middle of the river.

There were a couple rapids I almost fell out but managed to stay on board.  

The warning is “don’t fall out but if you do DON’T stand up cause your foot will get caught under a rock and you’ll be stuck and fall forward and drown and it happened to a local guy and he drowned, so just swim on your back with feet up towards the shore”.      

And yes we still went and did live to tell the tale.  

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