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The Smokey Mountain Train

The Smokey Mountain Train

An old fashioned steam train in the Smokey mountains? Who can resist?

We just had to get there. 

We left Lake Norman at 6 am to make the 9:30 arrival time for the train in Bryson City, NC. 


We signed up for the first class open car which meant no windows and lots of fresh air and a BBQ lunch.  There was the moonshine car and the wine tasting car and the regular cars, 700 people on the train.  Quite the tourist attraction.


We chugged by lots it trees, a roaring river and Fontaine Lake.   We stopped at the OAC outdoor center for a close up look at the river and a short walk on the Appalachian Trail.   After returning to Bryson City it was on the to Smokey Mountain Resort.

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