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Angel Creek USFS, Nevada

We left Camp Richardson intending to go to South Creek recreation area but as we approached the turnoff the 30 miles from the highway made us change our minds.  And we thought we’d rather go an hour more on the highway.

     Howard found a place called Angel Lake Humboldt Toiyabe national forest campground, only 12 miles off the highway.   The USFS campground are usually nice but no hook ups.   We turned off the highway and noticed Angle lake (12 miles) was closed but Angel Creek (only 6 miles)  campground was open.   

      As we drove into Angel Creek USFS it looked deserted, we saw a few campers a couple tents and a lot of pick up trucks and camo.   I was like- do we want to stay here? We drove around again and some other people were coming in so  we picked a site and set up but found the pavement really crooked and the 3 pickups on next site already sounded noisy so we moved to another site.   

   We saw the brightest stars as we sat in our chairs under a blanket in the 50ish degree night.     The campground filled up as the night went on.      I think it was deer season and that’s why Angel Lake USFS was closed to campers.

Vicki Wright

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