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Atlanta State Park Texas

We headed off early on our way to Atlanta State Park Texas. It should’ve been a 4 Hour drive but instead it took all of seven. The skies were covered with dark billowing clouds and the wind picked up. It is always disconcerting when your navigational system on the car warns of tornadoes.

We drove through torrential rains and 40 mile an hour winds being careful whenever a semi truck blasted by. We just drove a little slower and the pup did great. In addition, the paddleboard held on perfect for the whole ordeal which was nice.

by the time we got to Atlanta State Park they were blue skies so we decided to take one of the mini trails around the park on our bikes.

I tried fishing but again found myself empty-handed as usual. You’d think I would learn.

For dinner we had some of my daughter’s delicious ham and carrot cake muffins.

by the way I’ve gotten so many cards and letters asking for my itemized detailed list concerning winterizing a trailer so I have added a picture of my protocol.

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Steve and Mary

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Apr 09, 2021

So glad you’re back on the road and made it through that storm!! Good job!!

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