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Auburn Washington

Today was our final leg before getting to Tom and Erica’s and we knew we were getting close because the beautiful blue sky day suddenly changed and we entered a fog bank.

Vicki and I spent three days in Auburn seeing Tom and Erica and had a great time. We worked together fixing up their basement which was truly a joy, then playing games and finally sharing great meals.

After our stay in Auburn we headed straight south to a wonderful sounding state park named Paradise Point State Park. While it was indeed surrounded by huge trees and did rest alongside a shallow stream, it was right next to the highway. It was so close I could tell  by the sound of the passing cars which had new tires or old. The highway was so close my teeth rattled every time a truck went by. We had planned to spend two nights at Paradise but decided to move on and try our luck at a campsite we would find while driving.

What we found was a delightful campground called Belknap hot springs and it was amazing

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