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Black water River SP

On to Blackwater River SP in NE Florida.  When I had reserved the weekend I had to get two different sites which meant we had to move to a different site the next day, when I explained this ranger said she had a cancelation and she’ll  “put me on site 11 for both days and it’s a great big site- you’ll love it.”  Well, it was the biggest site I’ve ever seen, you could have fit 2 camper busses, a couple tents, two cars and there were trees all around it.    Howard got the bikes out and we road the boat ramp road 1 1/2 miles to the river.   We saw 2 guys kayaking so decided we had to canoe the next day.

Blackriver canoe outfitters were  closed for the season but if we called Paul he could get us a canoe for $50 cash.    We were the only campers on the river and paddled the 11 miles under a cloudy sky that looked like it would rain at any minute. Luckily the rain held off but unluckily there were no fish to catch and not from lack of trying.

On the way to Blackwater campground we had stopped at Walmart and under the advisement of an older lady bought the card game Skipbo.  She had, “played this game with my husband of 49 years (he passed on last year and I miss him) but it’s really fun ,  more fun than Uno.  He would always forget to use his stack cards

“.         I wanted a new game cause I lost 10 times in a row and now I’m on a winning streak.  

Vicki Wright

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