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Bozeman Airport

All decent surfers know how to do a cut back. It’s when you stop your forward progression and rotate the board backwards back into the wave so that you can take it vantage of the energy of the wave in a different way.

It was a cut back that Vicki and I did after leaving Custer State Park. We stopped our progress toward Washington state and cut back to St. Louis and Chicago.  I went to St. Louis to be in the men’s annual fishing tournament and Vicki went to Chicago to enjoy the grandchildren.

I found the fishing to be delightful with all my friends in beautiful weather and Vicki found the grandkids to be tremendous. After four days of seeing family and friends we flew back to Bozeman and now we’re headed to see Tom and Erica in Auburn Washington.

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After returning to Charolette  we meet up with Steve and Mary at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and we were able to visit with Steve this  time.  So good to see the cousins.


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