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Camp Richardson Resort, CA

After hundreds of miles of 2 lane highway through Oregon and California we drive through South Lake Tahoe eventually arriving  at Camp Richardson Resort.   The cabin part of the resort is right on the lake.

There is a nice restaurant and great fish and chips- loved the tartar sauce.   The RV resort is across the street but very nicely nestled in the pine trees.   Howard saw 2 bears near a camper with one of them I a tree. The neighboring campers threw rocks and yelled at it and they ran away.

   We meet Howard’s cousins Mic and Maddy. We took a drive through Hope Valley and saw the aspens in full color.   Howard and Mic fished in a meadow with a winding brook.  Another friend, Dale, showed us his historic cabin on the mountain . We got a real feel for old Tahoe.  After a rousing game of bridge - the boys won- we said goodbye to Mic and Maddy after a great visit.

    This was a cousin reunion cause the next day cousin Patty drove 4 hours to camp out with us.  And Christina, Joe and the little ones Alma and Ellis came to see us and great Aunt Patty.   We had pizza and hung out in the Pup.  Great time!

And Alma wanted us to come to her house next.  ❤️

    The bike trails were beautiful winding though the pine trees.   My only regret was not seeing the bear.

Vicki Wright

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