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Cape Disappointment, Washington

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I really never quite understood that question or comment or what ever it is. That was until we found ourselves in Beaver Creek Oregon. We are a mile from a trendy artichoke farm/store in which we had hoped to grab lunch when suddenly a chicken, brown and orange in color, meandered across the road. Vicki hit the brakes while I calmly suggested she “don’t stop, somebody will backend the Pup!!!”Vicki let go the breaks and, like the great skier Jean Claude Killy, she cut back and forth missing the bird by a knat’s ass.

We did make it to the artichoke store, and while we were not overly impressed with the artichoke dip they offered, the hot turkey sandwich we shared was delicious. We also purchased a large salad and a dozen fresh oysters to steam for dinner.

Getting back to the chicken, I asked myself as it strutted foolishly across the road totally ignoring our rig baring down on it at a blistering 50 miles per hour, why did the chicken cross the road? Having witnessed this first hand, I suspect, it was to get to the other side.

We continued to drive through rain all day till we got to Tillamook, waved hi to the gigantic ice cream and dairy factory, and drove on until we crossed the scary Astoria - Megler Bridge that spewed us into Washington and Cape Disappointment. The bridge was narrow, steep and way too high for comfort.

Cape Disappointment was nice, a little crowded , but nice. Not 30 yards from our site was a wide beach, a cool lighthouse and a barrier of driftwood a good 4 feet high.

We ate the oysters and salad under our awning, delicious, and hit the sack.

Tim P. We saw a a cool 2 foot long black snake with white horizontal lines, tiny frogs, a huge 5 inch banana slug and a coffee brown newt or salamander critter I got a picture of. From there we biked the Discovery Trail to Ilwaco and had the best calm chowder and fried clams anywhere. We were at the Salt Hotel and Pub. Wow.

We ended the day watching beautiful sunset on Washington’s Waikiki Beach.

Tomorrow we head to Pacific Beach State Park, Washington.

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