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Cape Hatteras, Oregon Inlet Campground NC

Cape Hatteras, Oregon Inlet Campground

In a few words it was remarkable. Houses all built on stilts, sand dunes that shift to wipe out roads and a light house that has been blown up and out more times than my birthday candles.

To get there we crossed a number of bridges and WOW was it hot. The sun just hammered us the sand dunes. It was crazy humid also.

PlLuckly we were able to exchange our Nonelectric site for a wonderful Electric site which gave us air conditioning for one day.

We didn’t get an electric site the second day so we bugged out, and I say that it was luck we got the site but truth be told, we called the forest service personal until they gave us an electric site.) Yay!

To get to the beach Vicki had to hike through soft sand dunes. They were beautiful she said despite the warnings about riptides and poisonous snakes. So she walked carefully through the dunes with the spotty grasses and pointy plants. She made her way to the sandy beach and it was both beautiful and deserted except for a couple of trucks further down the beach. It seems that cars are allowed on the beach if you get a permit. To help out, the ranger station has instructions on how not to get your vehicle stuck in the sand. Vicki saw a beautiful sunset but didn’t see any snakes. Too bad.(By the way if you are interested, Howard, me, was sleeping.  Yes I do sleep on occasion.)

Waking up the next day Vicki and I faced with a dilemma… Vicki wanted to visit the Cape Hatteras Light House, an hour away,  but we needed to be out of our “Electric Site” by ten and we were not allowed to put our Pup in the new site till 2:00, So, throwing caution to the wind, we stuck the Pup in the non-electric site early and drove off hoping for the best.

Having dropped the Pup off we ran off like Bonnie and Clide, like Thelma and Louise, like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Like…I don’t know, but we left. This was big for us as we are definitely rule followers. We drove off on our way to the lighthouse through rolling grass covered sand dunes and more bridges that floated over marshes and oceans.

At the lighthouse’s  museum we saw how confederate soldiers used the lighthouse as a weapon to kill Union soldiers. Horrible. We also saw how Japanese U boats patrolled off the area around the lighthouse and sunk ships right off our coast. Very horrible.

Next stop …Twin lakes campground and RV resort. 

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