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Cedar Point Campground North Carolina

Cedar Point Campground North Carolina

Cedar Point Campground was beautiful. A ton of trees, lots of open space and a wonderful bathroom/shower house.

In addition, there was a lovely marsh area that opened up toward the ocean just two minutes drive away. Vicki used her paddle board and I used the kayak and it was amazing to look at the birds, fish and foliage.

Two foot high bright green grasses covered the marsh with oysters along the bank and mullet fish jumping from the water all around us. That night it rained, but the next day was beautiful so we went on a long 90 minute float to a large highway bridge that separated the marshes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Later we drove to Emerald Isle and Beaufort where we visited Fort Macon State Park and the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort.  Lastly, we went back to the Emerald Isle and went swimming. It was wonderful.  

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