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Cedar Point NY

I arrived at Cedar Point and dropped the trailer off and headed to see Joe and Jane who were staying about five minutes away at a cool little resort in the town of Clayton.

My place was nice with a lot of open space with the site pretty much right on the water.

Then Vicki called. Her parents were doing fine and she decided to hop a plane to Philadelphia and then a tiny commuter plane (one of those clown planes you have to bend over at the waist to get into) to Watertown New York to meet up with me!!!!

It frightened her to all ends feeling the toy plane bounce around. Wow, is really crazy in love with me.

Joe and I fished the next day with an outstanding guide Dean that put us on huge small mouth bass on the fast flowing St. Lawerance River and, all in all, had an amazing time. Dean was smart, funny, had great equipment including amazing forward facing radar and knew the river forward and backward.

That night, after my fishing trip with Joe and Vicki’s terrifying flight on the minijet we had a wonderful dinner at a swanky little restaurant in Alexandrea, New York. Afterwards Vicki and I retired back to the Pup in Ceder Point while Joe and Jane stayed at their resort in Clayton.

The next morning we left New York and headed to Vermont.


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