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Chadron State Park NE

The comic Robin Williams said that the more you hide the punchline the funnier the joke, and that is part of what made Chadron Stare Park amazing.

We arrived at night, and ignoring the occupied signs, grabbed one of the many open campsites. We knew from the internet that the park was supposedly nice, but we had heard that before and ended up disappointed. (It’s always a little disheartening taking a shower in a moldy cubicle with a cloud of bugs that would make Indiana Jones nervous)

The next morning after a breakfast of granola and almond milk, Vicki checked in with the camp ranger and I biked to the fishing pond. The fish were all over, the trails beautiful and the bathrooms as clean as a surgical ward.

I caught five and a nice smallmouth bass, all with a white plastic lure I found beneath one of the park benches.

We ended up biking around the scenic overlook and to say it was breathtaking is an understatement.

Chadron was marvelously beautiful.

Next stop is Valentine

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