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Christmas Eve and St Louis.

I think of the birth of Christ and I think of contrast. I think of the poor pregnant Mary forced to go to a barn to have a baby Jesus.I think of what it was like for a woman nine months pregnant to have to walk all the way to Bethlehem in order to appear for a census.

On the other hand I think of the 3 wise men. They were Magi, kingmakers. These were some of the most important rulers in their kingdoms. They were the ones who declared who the descendants of the king were They pronounced who was indeed the new king. These three were from the largest countries of the ancient world. One was from the east, Asia. Another from the south, Africa and the third from the west Europe.

The magi were in charge of decreeing who was king and they came to announce the king of kings.

The idea that they were depicted as three old men on three old camels is ridiculous. A magi was typically protected with an entourage, an army, especially if he carries a treasure. Herod, along with all of Jerusalem was terrified when he saw the 3 magi approach with their armies.

When the three Magi saw Jesus they pronounced him king of kings.

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