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Custer State park

Today, we stopped at the town of Custer Wyoming. In town we met a guy that told us about a most excellent bike trail. It was called the Michelson Bike Trail and ran for 110 miles. From where we were it went 6 miles to the Crazy Horse monument and statue. The Michelson was an old railroad line so the grade was smooth and consistently uphill.

We took the bike trail through aspens, pines and dolomite formations.

It was beautiful. What was even more fantastic was the 6 miles downhill return. After our bike trip we made our way to the Legion Lake campground. Not 30 minutes after we arrived at our campsite, Gina, Matt and Hannah (Gina’s friend) arrived.

The campsite at Legion lake was small, housing about 18 sites and was located right across the way from a beautiful lake.

We paddleboard till dusk and then made brats, foil wrapped onions potatoes bell pepper along with adult beverages.

That night the wind picked up tossing Hannah tent all over the place with Gina not getting a moment sleep. Vicki and I were comfortable in our big RV while Matt, Gina and Hannah said that if they had not held onto the tents they would’ve been blown into the forest

Good time had by all. Especially Abraham the dog

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