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Custer State Park. South Dakota

 Custer State park, with it’s wooded campground and many crystal clear lakes is a delight. Add in beautiful bike trails, numerous Rainbow and Brown Trout and you have a little bit of camping heaven.

In anticipation of our trip I purchased a really cool inflatable kayak and with it along with my abilities as a top notch angler, it will be grand. 

What made this trip even more enjoyable was the fact that we visited Gina and Matt at their home just 20 minutes from our campsite. We play games watch the stars and had a wonderful hot tub experience.

The hot tub was great because I took a little bit of a spill on the mountain bike trail and Vicki said, with all the activities, she could use a little rest and recreation.

Well the kayak had a hole in it so the boat idea was made frustrating. I did however, while still afloat, catch a slew of trout. The good news was that, along with my keen talent for telling a story, I can also fix a kayak. Who would have thought. 

We did go into the town of Custer to get gas and have a quick breakfast but, all in all, we mostly spent our time in the campsite, biking the wonderful trails and visiting Gina and Matt’s home

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