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Homolovi State Park. Day four of our trip to California a stop at Homolovi state park Arizona

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

After spending nearly 8 hours on Highway 40 when it should have been 3 1/2 stuck in a traffic jam, we arrived at Homolovi State Park in the middle of the night. Well, I know how to back up a trailer, But doing it after a long day of driving in total darkness it was difficult to say the least. What matters worse Vicki was terrified I would scratch her precious Pup.

I didnt and she went back to her calm composed self.

There are two reasons people go to Homolovi.

One, to see the stars. The area is so remote, the stars shine amazingly.

The second reason people come to Homolovi is to see the Indian artifacts joint across the desert floor.

The next morning we were the bikes out to the digs. It was an easy flat 1 mile ride but what made the batter difficult was the fact that this was a free range zone. This of course means that cattle walk freely without the encumbrances of any fences. How nice for the cattle.

Unfortunatly for us one large bull took umbrage with our presence. He ran after us with I’ll intent : Vicki and I riding away like we had stolen the bikes.

None the less we got away and visited the dig sites where the native Homolovi Indians had lived hundreds of years before. It was amazing to see pieces of broken pottery the size of a quarter laying on the ground. Beautiful

. trailer the middle of the night on the desert where the

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