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Davis Mountain’s Texas Part 1

Davis Mountain’s State Park was our next destination. We chose Davis because I wanted to stay a fair distance from the boarder with Mexico considering all the illegals pouring across. It was a good hour out of our way but it was supposed to be a cool place to see so off we went west on Texas’s highway 10.

Everything was peachy until the car started to chug and wheeze just as Vicki was passing a large semi. I was on the phone with my incredible business manager Dona at the time and immediately slammed the phone down.

Like a top Grand Prix racer, Vicki slowed and pulled back behind the semi truck.

“Waggle the car” I called out as I looked ahead for an exit, “but be careful of flipping the Pup.”

When you start to run out of gas, you can get a extra half mile out of your car by gently swerving in your lane and splashing any gas that may be in a corner of the gas tank into the fuel pump. As I looked ahead for an exit, Vicki rocked the car and trailer back and forth in the slow lane. Sure enough, about a half-mile away, there was an exit and we pulled off and called the Texas police.

I guessed they would arrive in 15 minutes while Vicki said it would take 30. They arrived 10 min later roof lights flashing.

The cop arrived at high speed and parked behind us and after a short chat said the sheriff who had a gas can would arrive quickly and he did. The cops were great and I was surprised at their promptness. “This is the main corridor for illegals” they explained. “Every single day coyotes bring people right through here” and he pointed to the underpass we were next to.

The coyotes who traffic in humans are ruthless and would love to steal an expensive car and our beloved Pup. The police were fantastic

We got gas and headed on towards Davis Mountains and the State Park

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