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Corona Calif. Day six on our trip to California

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The magnificent idea was to drop our beloved Pup trailer off on the outskirts of Los Angeles so we would not have to drag it through LA traffic all the way to Redondo Beach, our final destination.

”What if we put the Pup in a Public Storage facility in Corona? What a great idea!

Corona was only an hour and a half from Redondo, it would be cheaper, we could rent the storage spot for a month and when we left to go back to Missouri in 25 days it would be great.

But there was a problem however.

Corona was ..... unsophisticated

it seeme that the owners of Public Storage wanted me to place our sweet Pup RV in a bizarre slot that demanded a strange approach. Instead of going in the proper way to put the Pup away, I was going to have to go in the out In lieu of the entrance. I learned that I had to do that because the only way we could get access to the last available parking spot was ass backward. It seems that somebody had left a 40 foot bus in the slot right next to our slot. Furthermor, stuck on the other side rested a large truck. What made matters even worse was that there was an old pickup truck right across from us and the guy who left the derelict vehicle behind didn’t pull in all the way.

I fought for 45 minutes trying to get the Pup settled , Vicki‘s attempt to tell me how to backup getting us into the worst fight in 20 years. Sufice it to say, we are still married and in love and we did make it back to our place in Redondo Beach In one piece. It was a Hercules-esk task however.

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