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Day Two Custer State Park

It is day 17 of our RV extravaganza and we woke up to one of Vicki’s bell pepper onion rosemary and egg scramble. Abraham enjoyed Gina’s bacon and afterwards went again on the water with our paddleboards.

The young people took off for the Black Hills House and we went to the Stockade South Campground. We Rode to Custer (a three mile ride each way) to eat lunch and returned to camp where we met a number of folks. After a light dinner of Costco’s broccoli and

cheddar soup while surrounded by a small herd of deer, we went to bed early to a crystal clear star filled sky.

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Steve and Mary

After returning to Charolette  we meet up with Steve and Mary at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and we were able to visit with Steve this  time.  So good to see the cousins.


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