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Devil’s Tower Wyoming

We had been to Devil’s Tower 20 years before with the kids and it was great. Now, Vicki wanted to go again, and after a lot of discussion, we went.

Most great spectacles aren’t visible until you get right up next to them. Even the Grand Canyon is difficult to see until your right up to the edge. The Devil’s Tower is different. From 20 miles away I could see the tower. It is immense. I thought it would look smaller now that I am older and had seen it before, but it was huge.

We camped at the Belle Fourche

River Campground which lies about a half mile as the crow flies from the Tower.

The campground is a “walk-in” which means it is first come, first serve. We got their early and pulled in to a campsite that had a perfect view of the Tower. Behind us flowed the Belle Fourche, and it took only 30 minutes for me to fish the clear shallow water and realize it was a fools errand.

We unhooked the car and drove to the base of the Tower and after buying a sticker at the National Park Store, moved to the trail that would take us around the monument. It was fun watching the climbers that hung from ropes in between columns of rock. After finishing our hike we returned to our campsite, had dinner and sat till the stars and Milky Way filled the sky.

The next day we head off to Bismarck, North Dakota, on our way home

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