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Enjoying Francis Park with Theresa and Anna

Vicki and I love to travel but it costs. It cost us time away from my family cousins nieces and nephews. So, when we find ourselves in St. Louis or in Los Angeles we make an effort to see our family.

This time we had the joy of spending time with Vicki’s brother’s family which included his amazing wife and his daughters, Theresa and Anna.

Being In St. Louis the weather was cold, high in the low 50s; the low in the mid 20’s, and therefore we decided to drive the Pup to St. Francis State Park, let Ken and his family use it while Vicki and I slept in a tent.

We had such a great time.

We hiked, fished, told stories over the camp fire and played games. Vicki taught the girls to make “god’s eyes“ from sticks and yarn and I showed Ken’s wife how to fly fish.

Unfortunately, Ken, in an attempt to ready his Dutch oven for some of his famous COBLER, hurt his back so he and his wife went home and Vicki and I stayed with the kids camping. It was such great fun making pizza over the fire (it burned) telling even more stories and playing cards (skipbo and a memory game) till late into the night. Anna won at the memory game and Theresa won at skipbo. Overall Vicki and I were the most happy of all.
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