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Fall 2023 northeast RV trip

Fall 2023 northeast RV trip

Nothing is every the way you plan it.

Together, Vicki and I organized RV campsites for months in hopes of traveling north to New York, Maine  Connecticut and New Jersey all in an effort to see the east coast. Coupled with that, Joe and Jane Schumacher, our very close friends, were going to share the first part of the trip in an effort to explore both upstate New York and Vermont along with some small mouth bass fishing that was to be found there.

Unfortunately, fate intervened.

Both Vicki’s Mom and Dad were ill with heart problems, bowel problems and respiratory problems. So Vicki stayed home for the first few days while I drove solo to New York and its famous small mouth bass heaven, the St. Lawernce River.

In order to make this happen, Vicki and I flew in from Los Angeles on a late night flight arriving at around 2:00 am.  The next morning I hooked the Pup to the Durango, grabbed some clothes, my kayak and Vicki’s paddle board and headed east toward Ohio. Vicki stayed home and took care of her parents.

I drove alone listening to old time radio stories on Sirus Radio. It was lonely driving by my self. I did like the idea I could listen to what I wanted on the radio and being able to stop at Taco Bell for soft tacos was kinda nice but I missed my life partner.

I arrived at Harrison Lake State Park in Ohio at sunset, got settled and went to bed early. Next morning I was off toward Evangola New York.

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