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Falling Water Stare Park, FL

We stayed at the deserted, peaceful, Seminole state park spending all morning riding our bikes and watch the geese flying over the lake.

After our stop at our nearly daily visit to Walmart, we arrived at Falling Waters SP about 3

pm. The southern accent and the multiple “yes, mam” let me know I was just out of Alabama. #003 campsite was right across from the dump station and we could smell it. So I called the friendly ranger and he said he’d see what else was open. We moved to a much improved #12 and after Howard skillfully backed up the Pup into a tight 24 foot spot we took off to see the waterfall.

Howard stopped to unsuccessfully fish at the small pond. A few minutes later we were at the waterfall. The water fell into a deep sinkhole and as I said “wow” I noticed an orange cone at the bottom, which ruined my “ beautiful nature “ thought. Howard has an idea to use his fishing pole to try to catch the cone and pull it out. If successful it will be the only thing he’s caught all week.

It was too dark to try tonight so we’ll try to beautify tomorrow...

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