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Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou SP

After an hour and a half drive we reached Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou SP.

After procuring a “Hiked it- Liked it, Ricky Bayou SP” sticker I immediately added it to my sticker collection on the Pup.  This was to be our longest stay- 4 nights-  and we’re very pleased to see a big groomed gravel electric site with trees behind it and a peak a bo view of the bayou.   We set up the camper and went on a bike ride on a root bumpy, flatish trail through saw palmettos, Magnolia and Florida pine trees.    The night cooled off to 40 degrees so we retreated into the Pup  and we started  our nightly entertainment of cards.   I had been consistently winning at Lost Cities so we had switched to gin rummy and Howard was having a long winning streak which continued for the duration of our stay at Rocky Bayou.😫

Howard even caught a tiny fish on the bayou from his paddle board.  As I  returned from paddle boarding I was greeting with a “he wants to learn to paddle board” referring to a 12 year old boy Howard had been talking to.  

The important questions being, “Can you swim?  Is it ok with your mom? Will you follow directions?”  Needless to say Daniel  was paddling like a pro ten minutes later.

Oh and I can’t forget our bayou fishing guide- the most interesting one I’ve ever had.

He catches alligators by hooking it and dragging it to the boat and then shooting it in the head with a bang stick. He wrestles wild boar to the ground and slits their throat.  He trained dogs to trail escaped convicts and missing people through the woods and swamps of Florida.  

AND he put us on fish - I caught a trout and Howard caught a redfish and trout.   Which we have eaten- delicious.

One tidbit about RVers, they pick up things you leave behind.   At the dump station we realized we had left 2 orange  stabilizing squares at the camp site so Howard went back to get them and they were gone, upon asking the neighbors, she reluctantly responded “ oh yeah, I picked those up for you” as she got them out of her camper.     I guess she had thought we were long gone 😂

Vicki Wright

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