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Honey Lake RV Park

Our next stop was Honey Lake RV Park. It was situated right alongside the huge Honey Lake. Well you would think Honey Lake would be a honey of a lake but it was dried up having lost all it’s water in the 1803. Truth be told, most of the giant lakes that showed on the map and GPS  were actually flat dry beds.

The RV park was a throwback to the 1960s but it was clean and the power worked. At the rear of the small campground was a tiny camp store that looked like something you would see in a desolate small town off Highway 66 in mid 1950 in the Twilight Zone.

Vicki (as usual) wanted to take an evening hike so we took off on a dirt road headed toward the mountains. There were a few farm houses around with barking dogs and rusted barbed wire fences. As the sun fell behind the distant mountains and the dirt road persisted in its winding trek towards oblivion, I finally put my foot down and insisted we turn around. Vicki said she was fine with stopping but I know different.

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