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Hot Springs Arkansas, cool!

After a long night of rain wind and alligator, our goal was to enjoy the baths in Hot Springs Arkansas. Only problem was they close at 6 o’clock we had to get there by 5:15 which was only an hour away. Thankfully the traffic was light.

Perhaps it was cold and dreary Chitacut SP but in any case we were on a mission. We decided to park off Main Street and put the Pup on a side street and pay the two meters we occupied.

We had our temps taken (for COVID),put on masks and funny plastic shoes we bought for 7 dollars and headed to the lockers to showerup before making the plunge.

this was a public place so we wore our bathing suits and entered the large room where five large swimming pools lay. It wasn’t crowded and we spent a good 35 minutes soaking before heading to the Hot Springs Campground that was a mere 4 miles away.

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