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Indiana Dunes

Vicki and I took off without the disabled Pup, Dona and Mike close behind in the Winabego.

Without the Pup we drove faster and arrived first at Newatgo State Park only to find primitive campsites that looked washed out, overcrowded and full of poison ivy. We immediately called Mike and Dona and changed plans to go straight to Indiana Dunes. We had been there before and it was quit, empty and wonderful.

But that was in the early fall.

Indiana Dunes was crowded to the point that there was a line of cars, double wide, 30 cars long trying to get in just to visit the beach. We negotiated our way to the kiosk and headed for our campsites.

Dona and Mike‘s campsite was fifty yards away from our site. Theirs was surrounded by trees ours was more similar to a dune in the Gobi Desert. We st up the tent, inflated the sleeping pad and rode

our bikes to the lake.

The sunset was amazing

The next morning we had a great breakfast and drove to a bike trail in the nearby town of Portland. That night we went to dinner at a brew house and turned in early as we were leaving to go back to Normal Illonois to pick up the Pup and return home.

Post Script

When I travel I try and learn at least 15 lines of either Italian or Greek or French. one of my favorite lines in French is Snay pa pour moi. It’s not for me.

Well. dispute our attempt to draw Dona into the RV lifestyle, she says snay pa pour moi. It’s not for me. I guess maybe it was the spiders or maybe the camp showers with the bugs. Perhaps it was the other campers. She says she prefers hotels on the beach. Condominiums near a national park or a room overlooking a forest. No RV for her. And that’s fine. I don’t like corned beef and hash. It’s all a matter of taste.

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