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Jessie M. Honeyman State

We left early for Jessie M. Honeyman State Park getting up at seven thirty and leaving by eight. We heard from the camp host that the engineers who work the destroyed highway, block the road during their two hour shift’s letting cars go through in between work sessions. Friday’s, however, the wait is only 30 min and it is even shorter if you hit the landslide that wiped out hwy 101 before 9 am. We did just that.

Not my picture

I figured from the reports I read that a ton of rock fell on the road, but what I saw as we drove through the slide area was that the road fell down a cliff. Ugh.

We motored along and decided to get lunch at a cool little town called Bandon Oregon. Vicki had delicious fish and chips while had a marvelous chowder. We ate on a wooden pier where Vic says she saw the Loch Ness Monster (which of course should be called the Pacific Ocean Monster). I think it was simply a 400 ton speckled trout with a long neck.

We arrived at J. M. Memorial S P and was impressed by the beautiful layout. There were over 300 sites in six loops with plenty of room between sites, every one surrounded by huge pine trees. We rode bikes all over and I went fishing.

One of the key attractions at J. M. Memorial were the huge sand dunes. They were large and rolling and perfect for both sand surfing and ATVs. This however would have been a total mess had the designers of the park not kept the rowdies penned in a separate camping area. NO ATVs PAST HERE

We could hear them zooming back and forth like gigantic black flies in Canada but we couldn’t see them. Vicki went on her bike to see how “the other half lived” and said it was straight out of MadMax. Little kids with little ATVs big brutes with huge ATVs. Then there were the women. They looked like biker babes with bizarre helmets and coats. Hmmm, interesting.

We had Gina’s pizzas (made with Raos marinara sauce, roasted Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese on French bread tented in foil over hot coals.) and Moscow Mules.

We played three games of Kingdomino and I won each and every one. (I am finally learning). It rained all night probably because I finally won at Kingdomino and Mother Nature was not pleased.

RV hint #108

Modern trailers have trailer breaks. A simple style is set up such that if you stop your truck hard and fast, the trailer tongue gets pushed forward into the receiver ball where there is a sensor that , when crushEd by the momentum of the trailer, causes the trailer brakes to engage. My Durango has a kind of automatic trailer break that applies the trailer break gradually as you depress the car’s break. i have it set on 5.5 for normal dry road driving. You set it by pushing the plus’s or minus to set the level.

In the rain I wanted the trailer to engage a little earlier so I changed the trailer braking power to 6.0.

Here is Vicki with the car’s break pressed hard meaning the trailer break is fully engaged at 100% with a power level of 6.0

Here Vicki has the brake depressed slightly so the trailer break is only slightly engaged at 20%

Off to Cape Disappointment. I hope we are not.... disappointed.

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