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Hot Springs Wyoming to a Kentucky Hillbilly To River Guides

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We left Newton Springs and decided to invest 9 dollars and pay to empty our DARK Water at Buffalo Bill State Park. In process we met an old Vietnam veteran Charlie and his wife Gloria who were needing a little help. After hefting a 5 billion pound genrerator into the back of a overflowing pickup we took off for Hot Springs Wyoming. We noticed the Hot Springs had two thing of interest, 1) hot spring and 2) fly fishing. We went to the hot springs plunge and swam for a couple hours. Soon after we contacted a guide who set us up with a time to fish and a place to stay.

We parked our RV between the Two Rives Inn and a Taco Johns. We put the 30 footer on the parking spots desigmated for rooms 6 and 7 with the front end ten feet from the taco joint’s drive through. Before calli it a day we rode bikes to a buffalo preserve and tried the menu at Taco Johns. Travler hint #1. Don’t eat at Taco Johns in Hot Springs Wyoming.

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