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Kohler Andrae SP Wisconsin

Well we are embarking on another adventure out west.

Our journey started by going straight south to Bull Shoals  Lake Arkansas where we visited friends. My buddy Bob and I went SCUBA diving and shot walleye, fished and enjoy the outdoors. Then we turned north and drove to Chicago for our granddaughter Molly’s  birthday.  After  an enjoyable weekend that involve camping at bullfrog lake, we headed further north to Kohler Andrae State Park.

Kohler Andrae is arguably the most beautiful park in the Midwest.  The scattering of pine trees, oaks and aspen that flourished on the lakefront of Lake Michigan was breathtaking. It’s gorgeous. In addition to the great vistas there are extensive bike trails which were wonderful.

On a first day we bicycled a flat 5 miles to Sheboygan,  had a lunch in a tiny bar that left both feeling sick as a couple of whiskey drinking slugs and then rode back to watch the sun go down.

The second day was more hiking on the smooth sand beach and biking down beautiful trails. 

Now we go to Beaver lake to meet our Wisconsin friends Milo and Glory. 

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