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Lake Frierson State Park

Well, we finally pulled the Pup out of its weatherized winter storage and have begun our trip west. Having said goodbye to our twin Dobermans,Gus and Hans, we gave a few last instructions to my dog walking brother, and headed out. We only had one stop to make before our month long trek that being a quick stop in downtown St Louis.

It seemed that on pulling my bike for one last check, I noticed a flat tire. Sure enough the tread was split and realizing that I had put a billion miles on the bIke last year and wore it out. I decided to buy 2 new tires for my bike. Vicki, seeing me upgrade my bike insisted her bike get the same treatment but only after assurances that I could indeed put new tires on the bike. I mean really, Howe hard can it be?

Having purchased the tires and an extra inner tube we went straight south down highway 55. Driving was easy until we split off and were forced to negotiate tiny two lane side roads. What made things worse was when a gigantic spider looking corn harvester took up 90% of the road. I pulled off on a side road just before getting stuck between a literal rock and a hard place.

An hour later we made it to Lake Frierson. It was small consisting of only 10 campsites (6 electric, 4 tent) but beautiful with the lake a stones throw away.

I fished but had no luck

I typically start with a sinko (a 6 inch heavy stick like bait) with a dead slow retrieval. If that does not work I move to a smaller plastic like a grub Texas rig or maybe a 3 inch chomper with a mop top and twin tails Nothing worked . The water was chocolate brown and I was fishing off of a low dam. Ugh

All in all it was a beautiful campsite and a beautiful park. The bike paths nice and camp store very cool.

Camper Hint #123

The first tire I tried to replace ended up exploding on me because it must’ve caught part of the inner tube under the edge of the rim between the tire in the metal rim. Obviously a rookie mistake. I learned that what you need to do is put a little air in the inner tube that way it fits right inside the tire like a hotdog in a bun, like fingers in a glove. The next three tires went on beautifully we’re good to go.

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