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Mackerricher State Park Fort Bragg CA

The drive into and out of Fort Bragg is just as amazing to see as it is to drive. Speaking of driving, I’ve put a scale together that quantitatively measures driving difficulty that I call the “Howie’s Scale.” 1 is super easy. 2 is difficult where you need to pay attention. 3 is where you keep both hands on the wheel, turn the volume down on the radio and slow the heck down and then there is 4. 4 is where you ask Vicki to drive.

It’s not that she drives any better then I do. It’s just that when we reach a 4 on the Howie Scale she grunts, holds the door handle like she is ready to jump and then there is the stare. She looks like the kid on Home Alone using the aftershave. I can’t take her reactions so when we attain a Howie level 4, I and pull off. “You drive” I finally say pulling to a stop. “Gal darn it Woman”

Then she smiles slipping behind the wheel, “What?”

We did arrive and the camp site was beautiful with trees all around and the ocean a short trail walk away. The only problem was that it was so small we had to take the rig apart to park and even then it was tiny.

Once situated, we took the bikes and headed to the water on a beautiful bike/hiking/ horse path. It was 4:00 and that is when I realized I was in trouble. I glance over and noticed Vicki looking down, fiddling with her bike light. “Oh good“ she said, “the light works.” Sun down isn’t for 4 and a half hours. Does she really want to ride bikes till dark? Oh my gosh.

We rode bikes to dinner and peddled back against a 30 mile an hour headwind.

We sat had enjoyed a beautiful sunset before we went back to the Pup whereupon I lost once again at Kingdomino.

RVers hint #107. Boondocking basics. We don’t have power here at Mackerricher SP and we won’t have any power for the next two days. I decided to turn off the refrigerator, put ice (in a plastic container) in both the freezer and main body of the fridge. This way I basically converted the refrigerator into a cooler so the water pump and lights work relying on good batteries and our solar arrays on the roof. Genius if it works. I guess you could say we now have a mobile “Pup tent.”

Next stop the Redwoods

By the way you may have noticed the stickers on the Pup doors. They do not showup all the time. There were no stickers at Mackerricher State Park Fort Bragg CA so Vicki made an envelope from an old leaflet and, after inserting a 5 dollar Bill, asked the attendant when they arrive to send a sticker to our son in Auburn WA.

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