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Montauk State Park, a trout paradise

We left Bull Shoals and headed north toward St. Louis. We noticed that there was a big front of rain and high-winds up ahead so we decided to stop at Montauk State Park rather than fight the bad weather on the road. It’s a beautiful park, two hours from St. Louis and it is known for its trout farms and beautiful ozark trees.

We were the only ones in the park so we were able to get a perfect site right by the water. As the sun went down I got online to get a trout tag and then hit the water to see what I could catch with my fly rod.

About the same time that my little fly, a red mini worm, hit the water, it started to rain. I’m not talking a gentle rain or a light sprinkling, this was a 25 mile an hour wind and a deluge that soaked me through and through in less than a minute. The temperature outside was around 45° and dropping leaving me chilled to the bone. I hurried back to the car. Vicki was already there hitting the panic button on the car to remind me to get somewhere dry.

She knows how I get when I start fishing.

Like wet rats on a cold winter night, we drove back to the Pup, hung up our wet clothes in the shower and tried to get warm.

Later In the night we drove 20 minutes to a small town so we could have a zoom conference with my brothers and sisters from California to share Christmas greetings. It was fun, we stopped at the ice cream store and had banana splits while we shared good cheer.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so we’re heading back to St. Louis to spend time with Vicki’s family.

Merry Christmas

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