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Moose Lake Minnesota

We leave Wyth State park and entered Minnesota . It is flat as a Crackle Barrel pancake having been splayed smooth by the Lorenian ice shelf 50,000 years ago. The glacier, a mile thick and hundreds of miles across, pressed the earth flat leaving a smooth terrain excellent for the planting of corn and soy. 

Driving north was easy and after a quick lunch at Baldies BBQ, the fields of corn turned to scattered pines and aspens until we finally arrived at Moose lake. 

Here we pulled in to the State Park surrounded by thick forests and well kept bike paths that drew us onto their wide flat surfaces like, well, me to chocolate. 

Having parked the RV, I biked to the lake and fished with no luck and obviously no skill.  I, observing a gathering of dark clouds and a similarly growing thirst, figured it was time to head back to the Pup for a cold adult beverage. 

Vicki, meeting me on the road, pulled up and, with one of her amazing smiles, encouraged me to, instead of seeking shelter and refreshments, go with her into town along a curvy bike path. Despite my warnings of inclement weather, off we went in pursuit of adventure and sustenance. 

Having experienced changes in weather for well over 66 years, it didn’t surprise me when the skies opened up and sheets of cold rain proceeded to soak us. Finding refuge at a QuickStop gas station we waited out the storm. 

 Twenty minutes later blue skies drove away the dark clouds and again we were on our way. 

We pulled into the parking lot for The Lazy Moose diner, locked our bikes and proceeded to amass all our money. It seems I left my wallet in the Pup and luckily, or I guess intelligently, we nabbed the stash of cash we keep in our bike pouches in case of such “emergencies,” and split a patty melt. Delicious. 

We headed back to the Pup narrowly avoiding another downpour. We spent the rest of the night playing games and then, having my ego crushed once again, rolled into bed. Tomorrow, all things going as planned, we arrive at Rainy lake.

Post Script: before leaving Moose Lake and drawing on my vast experience as an amazing fisherman, l again tried my luck in the Lillypad strewn waters. Amazing enough, using a Sinco plastic worm I caught two fish and then called it a day. Success at last. Off to Rainy Lake.

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