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Next Stop, Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

Dead Horse Ranch state park got its name from the rancher’s kids, when asked which ranch should we buy, responded, “The one with dead horse on the road.”   When the state acquired the property the name had to stay.   

      The campground has rocky, sandy, brushy terrain with nice spacing between campsites.  There are 3 fishing ponds which Howard caught trout using his trout pole until he came back to the campsite and closed the car window cracking his rod.  And yes I heard !@&!!.   Luckily there was a Walmart 10 minutes away.  

     While looking for a hiking trail I noticed a sign- “Danger, flash flooding occurs”.  Well I wanted to see the river and it had t rained lately so let’s go.  The kind of disappeared so I dropped my apple core on the ground for a trail marker and I heard water so headed toward the sound and found the brisling brook.  Happily I spotted the apple core and found my way back. 

     There were lots of mountain bike trails over rocks and sand  and uphill and downhill, which we road on and had to take Tylenol to sleep that night.     

      Howard got up early to use his new pole.  It was so cold his fishi line kept getting caught when the poles eyelets iced up. (He caught 3 trout ... catch and release). I rode down to say hi to him and continued on to a trail by the river were I proceeded to crack the rear derailer housing into two pieces so it was just hanging onto the chain.    And yes the bike repair guy said that was “bad.”   The first shop guy shook his head and asked, “Do you know how hard it is to get parts nowadays?  I”ll look ..... but gee I don’t think so...”.  So after calling 5 shops we find the treasured part in Flagstaff.    And after 3 hours the bike is like new.  

On the way to Lyman Lake state park. I thought Alamo Lake was remote but we haven’t seen a car for twenty minutes.

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