• Dr. H. W. Wright

No room for us in Yellowstone

After camping in the rocks in the United States forest service campground  site we headed to Yellowstone at 7:30 in the morning hoping to get a campsite. How foolish we could be.

We sat in a line of 35 cars for two hours until we realized it was a fools errand and headed to see mud gurgling at a guyser. Suddenly the refrigerator started beeping notifying us that there was no more propane and everything we had in the freezer was about to melt.

The Yellowstone gas station had no electricity so now we have to drive two hours to Cody Wyoming to get propane. On the way out of Yellowstone we saw another U.S. forest service campground  that was beautiful right on the water and decided we come back and see if we could get a nice campsite for the evening.

After getting propane C3H7 at a tractor supply in Cody, we came back to the most picturesque campsite I think I’ve ever seen, except of course for the Bears, and I don’t mean to Chicago ones.

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