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Oak Mountain State Park

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We arrived late, sunset having fell like a stone, so we hurried to quickly pull out the bikes and get on the road. We had heard of the great bike trails at Oak Mountain and headed off with our bike lights blinking like a pair of emergency vehicles and headed to one of the many courses.

It is tough riding over and around rocky ledges and root wads on never before traveled trails. We turned around after only a couple miles because it turned dark fast, our weak bike light the only way to see.

A very interesting aspect of Oak Mountain was the fact that our fire pit was a good fifty yards into the woods away from our Pup. We hiked to the fire pit carrying our chairs, wood, food and drinks in the dark and ate by firelight. Very cool. The next morning we took a combo hike fishing expedition and then headed off to Wind River State Park.

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