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Off to Alamo State Park

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Alamo Lake state park is the stop, advertised as remote and the best bass fishing in Arizona.   Remote it was, and as the story is told of a woman whose husband took their big RV to Alamo for a long vacation goes- the big rig Lady steps out looks around and says “We’re supposed to stay 2 weeks and I’m not gonna stay 2 days!”     

     It was beautiful with low dessert bushes, cacti and  a clear view of a lake surrounded by dessert hills.    Very quiet except for the occasional braying of wild mules, who frequent the campground as evidenced by the piles of grassy poop everywhere.  

        We blew up the paddle boards and went downhill to the lake.   The water was clear and calm.   Howard had to sit down on his paddle board so the fighting bass wouldn’t pull him into the water.  He caught two hefty large mouth bass, the third lunker breaking loose. 

      The closest town was 40 miles away making the night sky very dark with so many stars I couldn’t find the Big Dipper. 

     There was a no trespassing area with mobile homes where the rangers lived.  

   The best part was getting up close to the saguaro  cacti.    

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