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Olson City Park,Minnesota

As a stop over on our way to Custer State Park, we pulled up to Olson City Park in middle Minnesota. It is small but well kept and is located on a lake of the same name. 

On the way we stopped to see the uppermost aspect of the Mississippi River (notice the lock and the barge pushing corn)

Further west we stopped by the SPAM MUSEUM and then ended up at a lake just past Okabena Minnesota.

Okabena is known for a town where Bonnie and Clide robbed a bank and later got caught.

We arrived with just enough time for me to try catching a fish (BTW: if I forget to mention being at a body of water and failing  to catch a fish it is not because I didn’t try my luck, just that I get tired of putting my defeats in print) and go on a hike. 

We had a nice fire and delicious burgers. 

Tomorrow, God willing, we arrive at Custer State Park

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