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Bennett Springs Missouri. Off we go to California

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Third trip with the Pup is off to California. The plan was to stay at Bennett Springs, A beautiful park with trout farm in Missouri,but there was no room at the inn. Actually there was room but because of Covid they said we couldn’t make a reservation same day. So we called around and decided to put up at a really nice resort across the street from the state park and had a great time.

We told them With a sly grin that we wanted something romantic off by itself, they put us in this remote area right next to what looked like a mosquito pond but it was fun nonetheless.

The next day we bugged out early and headed west on Highway 40.

The above pictures are not from that day at Table Rock Lake , they were from the year before. It is just that I love them and just had to show them off

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