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Pacific Beach State Park WA

The drive north was nice with beautiful views of huge rivers and immense tidal flats. We drove north for about 3 hours and arrived at Pacific Beach State Park at around 2:00. By 2:45 we had set up camp, ridden our bikes around the entire town and decided that perhaps two days here is too long.

What PBSP had going for it was a small stream/river just south of the park. It was beautiful and pristine so Vicki encouraged me to fish it for trout. As usual I came up empty.

That is when I saw something very special across the bank. Kayaks. 5 kayaks and then I understood what had to happen.

I walked dare I say sprinted to the Durango, unpacked the paddle board and started inflating it. Vicki was reluctant but after a tiny bit of goading she was also paddling upstream like Lewis and Clark.

Amazing to say the least

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Steve and Mary

After returning to Charolette  we meet up with Steve and Mary at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and we were able to visit with Steve this  time.  So good to see the cousins.

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Dr. H. W. Wright
Dr. H. W. Wright
Apr 27, 2021

Traveling fast and loose.

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